Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Heebee Post #496 - Walter Cianciusi - Rome - Italy

The Affair warmly welcomes quasi-Fluxist Walter Cianciusi who is currently working at the mysteriously prestigious garden of avant garde sounds - Centro Richerche Musicali in Rome.
Walter's Fluxus forte is his sonic exploration - here you can see a good example of his Fluxus music: Computer Music (Musica).
I love the wonderful Fluxus Affair theme of the above card. These cards are quite small (2" length), but have a special brand of Fluxus elegance. These little guys are nearly minimalistic, but somehow seem like anecdotes.
I wonder if this really was a sound sculpture. Would be interesting (if not unsettling).
We are very happy to have Walter here, on the Affair. This fellow's web-site is fascinating. I enjoyed wondering what the heck this guy is up to and so will you. Find him here: Walter Cianiusi Fluxus Works. Great stuff my friend, thank you very much.

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