Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heebee Post #500 - Nicol Kostic - Toledo, Ohio - USA

The Affair welcomes back Nicol and her two terrific submissions. The visage of the woman seen above haunted me for awhile - that face sure looked familiar. After scratching my head and some hemmin' and hawin', I figured it out. The Affair is proud to announce that it is none other than everybody's cousin, Minnie Pearl! Great card and of course, Minnie is absolutely adored around here!
La bella Luna! Nicol has a wonderful sense of what the Affair is all about as she shows off one of the essences of romance - the Moon. Since ancient times, lovers have opined about that glorious entity in the starry sky.
It is wonderful to have Nicol back here, on the Affair. Thank you for this double shot of mail art love and, of course, allowing me to remember good ol' Minnie Pearl! Two great cards!

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