Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heebee Post #476 - Jim Hayes - Marietta, Georgia - USA

The Affair welcomes Jim, who sent in a large envelope that was packed with a broad and unusual assortment of art and paper artifacts. Above is a beautiful piece and example of his work.
Jim manages to create some kind of 'working ID document'. Something stark and Dada-like about this. Nice.
Troubled Hypno-hands reach for help in the medicine cabinet. A large A4 size print that evokes a quiet desperation to the observer.
Thanks for all the fun stuff you sent Jim (a lot not pictured). I enjoyed it immensely. Also included was the Artist's "Confusing Activity with Accomplishment" a treatise on Jim's concept of the current state of mail art. Very interesting. I had sent something to you Jim before I read the 'Treatise'. Next time I shall send something with a bit more correspondence to it. Thanks again. Assembly Poetry Plant Marietta.

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