Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heebee Post #492 - Jennifer Kosharek - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

Jen appears on the Affair in all her Mail Art splendor with Ray Johnson holding up his end of the deal in Fluxus romance. Is this odd Dada-ish love ritual an official part of the Fluxus fun to be had at the "Chorusbeedance School"? A large envelope decorated brilliantly!
The beautiful envelope contained a little booklet that was the documentation for the "Ur Toy Story" mail art call Jennifer had that culminated in a marvelous show and wildly amusing Fluxus Performance at the Artpool Gallery last September. It was determined to be a smashing success and fun was had by all that witnessed the Fluxus hijinks that ensued!
The large international cast of characters that participated in the "Ur Toy Story".
Thank you very much for the great documentation Jen. The little booklet consists of 28 pages! Includes bios of the Fluxists that were part of the show and is an engaging read. Very well done! Jen has a new project in the works: "Utopia/Dystopia". Check it out and be in her next show!

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