Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heebee Post #28 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhnekamsk, Tartarstan - Russia

Hello dear Valery and thank you for such a lovely Holiday greeting! Folks, the postage on this card was canceled on December 6, 2008 - nearly three months ago! Surely our great nations can do a better job! Although, it is hard to complain when I am so delighted to get this from such a well known character and wonderful Mail Artist from so far away.

The Mail Art call shown here is due April 1, 2009. With Olga Sorokina! Nizhnekamsk is home to a whole gang of talented Mail Artists! A Heebee 4-D effort will be in the mail very soon. Thanks very much for thinking of me Valery and I wish you the best for 2009!

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