Monday, September 12, 2011

Heebee Post #651 - Viviana Cernjul - Buenos Aries - Argentina

Viviana treats Fall with an adoring fondness "An incredible golden sound lies under my feet..." - the crinkling of Autumn leaves being stepped on? In any event, you can certainly feel the festive and jubilant glee Viviana has for the new season. Not to mention the wonderful 'Posta Insecta' theme as well.
Viviana has sent in a double blast of mail art - the above being part #1. I have actually had this piece for a couple of weeks or so, but couldn't post it because there was a little Summer left and the weather was the best it's been all year - So, I waited until now - seemed a little more appropriate somehow. Thanks V., I love this one!
Part #2 of Viviana's efforts looks like a "Jenga" game or, perhaps, an aerial view of a vegetable farm.
I love Argentine postage stamps and the ones seen on this envelope are a super example of why. The rubber stampings of Dada photo montage artist Hannah Hoch are cool too. Thank you very much Viviana - I'll be visiting your mail box soon. Find this happy and busy mail artist here: Mail Art for the World.

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