Monday, June 27, 2011

Heebee Post #618 - Lothar Trott - Zurich - Switzerland

The Affair is positively delighted to have received a double shot (2 ea.) of his uniquely passionate brand of Mail Art. The first envelope contained this lovely "Contributors / Docu #4: "A card is a card"" compilation of his ongoing Mail Art collecting project. Above, is the cover of the handsome booklet. Nice to see Lothar returning to mail art in such a grand fashion.
The documentation included my Fluxus red swimsuit girl. The booklet and it's layout are nicely put together.
I am really liking the carvings (Linoleum, Rubber, wood) these days. Nice one shown here by Dr. Brignone and I see some jumping wolf-bear creatures by the prolific Frips. I haven't carved anything for a couple of years and I am getting the itch for it. I have a worthy looking set of carving tools I just purchased for peanuts at a local garage sale a few weeks ago. I'll report on the results of that at a later time.
A nice spectrumed assortment of Artists compliment the collection - and I see my cousin 'Arty' (bottom left corner) is also present. I guess Lothar will let anybody into his project! Heh heh! Miss ya Gunter!
Every page of the documentation was splendorously done. Great work Lothar. And I must say, that it has made me quite happy to see you back in the saddle with such a new vigor. I hope you remain happy and healthy old man.
Seen above is a Roland Halbritter postcard that Roland had included in his magnificent "Post fur Otto" catalogue. Lothar has modified the card and sent it on to The Affair - It is meant to herald in his new mail art project: "Stop Boring Mail". Send something to Lothar -something lively I would say- and a periodical doc to all who participate. Something rather lively is already on it's way old friend!
Above is Lothar's Fluxus notation regarding "The Paperclip" and the human condition (Mail Art).
The decorated envelope is fabulous as well. PI-PA-PO and off we go! Love the Artistamps Lothar - very nice! Postage of the dreamy realm of Pokuland, Lothar's faux Fluxus/Dada kingdom.
The image seen above is a large A4 sized exciting poster that was the contents of the second envelope, seen below. Meant to be large Artistamps, you can certainly feel the fervor in which Lothar created the pair. Libya is such a mess just now........
Lothar, I am very happy to know you are doing well - very glad to have you visit old boy. Your work lately is just fantastic - keep it up! Thank you very much and let's keep the exchange going. See you in the post!

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