Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heebee Post #619 - Wilma Duguay - Shigawake, Quebec - Canada

Hello dear Wilma, welcome back to the Affair! It has been a while since since this lovely lady has last been here - and on such a momentous occasion - her B-Day! You can see her in all her splendour, sipping Spanish Coffee at her favorite restaurant, d'Etale, somewhere on the southern coast of the Gaspe' Penninsula of Quebec (just above New Brunswick). She confesses to dancing to the point of dizziness and had to be shown to her chair by her sister. Someone still knows how to have some fun. You go girl!
Above is a snap of the gorgeous beach at Shigawake. As rough and formidable as the shoreline appears here, this beach can also be tranquil, serene and beautiful, even in it's utter remote ruggedness. Wilma is of a robust breed that is admired by the Affair.
Here, she is showing off a neat collection of Mail Art artifacts by some well known Artists. A great ATC of Che by Sam Montalvetti (Argentina) and various Fluxus stickers by Umberto Basso (Italy) and Artistamps by Antonio Moreno (Spain). Great stuff! Thanks very much my old friend - be seeing you in the post soon!

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