Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Heebee Post #1124 - Vallery Shimanovsky - Nizhekamsk,Tatartrstan - Russia

 I am a Mail Artist that does not like to become too political and neither, usually, is Valery. But there is so much innuendo inside the universe of this card, that it is difficult to not find Art imitating life. Funny how Angela Merckle, German Chancellor, looks like she means biz -I don't think she's too happy about Russia going into Ukraine (I see war machines). But, Germany does get a lot of petrol from the big Bear and winter will soon be here. A bit of a pinch?  Anyway, interesting perspective for the times.

Mail Art Bon Vivant  and Russian postal statesman Shimanovsky is a fun loving, high humored artist usually more into some kind of joke telling, instead of showing off what a state of affairs things are getting to be in his country, at least at the Ukrainian border - even if most Russian folks love Vlad Putin. A little surprised, that's all. It sure would be nice to just entirely overlook the sometimes gruesomeness of our world and just have unbridled fun.

 Uh oh! See what happens when my new address is not shown on the envelope? Luckily the Post Office caught this one as they ave many others (Thank God for the Post Office)

Valery's "Bunny-Head" rubber stamping is cool too - Wonder If Ray (Johnson) ever did get to see one of these from our distinguished Russian friend? I think about things like that. Anyway, thank you very much Vallery, hope I didn't get you in some sort of trouble and see ya in the mail old boy. Vallery Shimanovsky Mail Art.

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  1. I like your critical comment on this mail-art.I lile your poster -style mail art too.

    Greetings from Russia !