Sunday, September 28, 2014

Heebee Post #1125 - Karen Chew - Redwood City, California - USA

 This beautiful, grainy, homage of Americana, sent in by the happy-thoughts and quite lovely artist, still manages to somehow toss on a tone of poignancy in it's depicted nostalgic visions. Whether manufactured or not, Karen's anthem of love leaves the viewer to reflect upon the similarities and differences of his own mentored upbringing. With that preponderance aside, take a look below at karen's charmingly stated sentiments regarding what makes her tick.
Nice to see the torch of celebration for the mundane being examined without the tarnished helmet of cynicism being worn. Karen and I have swapped a few mail arts since our brief meeting at the Ex Postal Facto in San Francisco last Feb. This one got under my skin; but then, I am a soft touch anyway.Thanks Ms. Chew, be seeing you in the mail!    

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  1. Hey Test - it's me! Yeah, this piece is a tribute to my parents. I miss them dearly.