Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Heebee Post #1132 - Jas W Felter - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

 Wow, isn't this eye-popping "Solstice Greetings" folding card from Jas a beauty?  He always somehow manages to capture Nature's powerful personality in his distinguished work and this unique portrait of the Winter celebration is a shining example of his fascinating style. A super card (as usual) from Jas with good wishes for 2015 written within.

Jas sets the bar of card making standards quite high with his "eye of the artists" notecards he creates himself  
 Included with the fab card is this "Block 5 of 6" set of  "POSTES MRAUR / ECUADADA". I am always astounded by the incredible vibrancy of color and quality Jas invariably invokes into his Artistamp works.

I'm certainly glad to include these little lovelies with my growing collection of Jas's stamps. This particular set is a commemorative of Jas's escapades regarding his life in Ecuador. And now, it is mine! Thanks Jas!

 Note: "Notify sender of new address" sticker from the Post Office, adorns the front of Jas's classy envelope.  Good job USPS - Folks, for the sake of Papa Ray, please take heed!
I thought a closer examination of the curious postmark and that handsome "Rapa Nui" Artistamp was warranted.  Tremendous work! Last Feb., at the Ex Postal Facto convention in San Francisco, Jas was part of an Artists panel that discussed their own Philatelic and Mail Art histories. As enthusiastic interviewer and panel coordinator, Jenny Hinchcliff asked Jas how the "Mraur" in Postes Mraur was pronounced. "It's more like "Mrrrraur", Jas smilingly said. It was my distinct impression that it had a sort of feline tone to it. I forgot to ask him as I chatted with him later. Ah well, hopefully, I'll get another chance. Thank you so much Jas, I love your stuff - Happy New Year and see you in the mail! Jas W Felter  Stories and Antics.

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