Monday, January 5, 2015

Heebee Post #1133 - Phillip - Columbus, Ohio - USA

 "Alien Worlds" postage is a Classic Science Fiction, "First Day of Issue", that stands out among it's peers giving it a universal sense of importance

I love "First Day of Issue creations, especially when the ambiguity level leaves the viewer scratching his head in silent wonder - and in First class no Less!
 It is difficult to determine which side is front and which is the back of the enigmatic postcard +- although the fellow seen on this artistamp seems both curious, brave and adventuresome - as well as only 1/4 the power of Mail Art that the "Alien Worlds" posseses.

And thank you for your kind words Phillip. Made my day! And yes, I do enjoy Faux Philatelics - to the point of diversion.

I'll be seeing you in the mailbox soon Phillip. "Alien Worlds" rules!

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