Friday, January 16, 2015

Heebee Post #1134 - Sally Wurlitzer - San Francisco, California - USA

 Good natured and wonder woman artist, Sally W sends this, peculiar to the point of being some kind of scary,  postcard. I have just seen the film  "The Gangs of New York" and these bug chuckers look like one of those nasty gangs. Heh.  I was fortunate enough to have met the clever Sally at the XPF last year in San Francisco last Feb, by Jack Lattemann of Cascadia Artpost , my pal from up here in the Northwest. I have since then become a big fan of her work. Sally really rocks with just about anything she does. I love the SF artists I met down there, especially the bunch of lovely SF women that were putting the unforgettable affair together.  I have always liked San Franciscan gals anyway! Once again, I salute you!
Note the "Posted by Wurlitzer World" rubber stamping. I always like to call it Voylitzer Voyld for some reason. Heh-heh. Anyway she writes "Rubberstamping from the Awesome Cascadia Artpost". I should also mention the texture of the piece is a sort of tough old-time poster card style. It has a good feel to it too. Thanks Sally, glad to have met you and see ya in the mail old girl! Check out Sally's incredible work here. Wurlitzer World.


  1. Sally's work in incredible -- and she is a lot of fun too. What a nice post about her.

  2. Heyyyy TT -- Now I'm going back to watch Gangs of NY ! Thanks, pal, for your insightful comments, as always. Love your blog. --SW