Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heebee Post #1137 - Ka van Haasteren - The Hague - The Netherlands

Wow! Nothing like a lovely Cosmonaut to collect your attention! This Warhol like "Ka-Mail Art" philatelic wonder is just stunningly great. Ka has astonished me many times with her capricious imagination and this one is right in there with the best of them. 
Although Ka is much more clever than myself, we both seem to think alike on some odd parallel level of peculiarity. This envelope is a nice vibrant feast of mail art life!  
Another cavalcade of fun from the talented artist. She sure seems to wield the Heebee Jeebeeland credo "More Fun, Less Worry" rather well.  
A team of  interesting Characters adorn the back side of the remarkable envelope. I like the happy-go-lucky feel of these amusing subjects.

 This incredible altered postcard was included in the little package and I love, love, love it. The viewer's eye wanders around and comes to rest on the starried Forest Fairies. The animals seem to stare in complete adoration. This is another Ka masterpiece. And seen firsthand, it is amazing!

This fellow is just a gas! Beautiful job Ka.
 The reverse side of the card is a wonderland of perfect weirdness!
And finally, the stamp you see here is actually an official Netherland issue. Not that remarkable in itself but, what does make it remarkable is an actual flower seed in the center covered with a circular piece of tape. Thank you very much Ka, you bring "It" every time. See you in the mail soon my friend. If you, dear reader, have never seen Ka's site, you might consider taking a little jaunt to: Ka Art or Ka's Mail Art. 


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  2. Have you forgotten all about The Queen of the Kingdom of Fun? Well, pooh. By the by, my newest nom de plume is Felicity DuPont. Hoping you're well, old chap.