Friday, April 17, 2015

Heebee Post #1139 - Cracker Jack Kid (Chuck Welch) - Petersborough, New Hampshire - USA

 The Kid checks into Heebee Jeebeeland with a super momento from the well received "Mail Art DaDa - Mail Art MoMa" show last Nov in NYC.

The legendary Mail Artist reports that the Mail Art Moma rubber stamp was stolen and so now "MoMa misses DaDa". Heh.!Here is another Fluxus Rubber stamp made by the Kid. Looks simple right? It's hard to get it just right and Chuck executes them almost effortlessly. It takes some folks years to "Get it" and some never will. The coolest stuff doesn't need them to carry on!

The Kid also relates that the affair was a "Wonderful gathering of old Mail Art codgers in NYC. I sure wish that I could have attended that illustrious event! Ah well, what can a poor fella do? Thank you for the stamped souvenier and remembering us here, in the fourth Dimension. The Kid's a classy guy - check out DaDa and MoMa.

1 comment:

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