Thursday, July 30, 2015

Heebee Post #1140 - Eric Babaud - Ste. Anastasie - France

 This large A4 sized Pow-Wow of chaos sent in from Eric is another example of his playful pandemonium-like editions. It is always exciting to receive his style of happy-go-weirdo-world of mail art.

Here we see a much smaller piece that was enclosed within the large decorated envelope. This rough looking subject seems to examining his mail art soul, through the red outlined Postman bringing his magical bundle of mail art. Lovingly done by the French gentleman. Thank you very much Eric. See you in the cryptogram world we both seem to live in!


  1. Very Happy to see ya back......need new phone number to give ya a ring.......mail is going out soon.......cousin arttower

  2. Hi . . How are you . . send me a note: email:
    With Love and Laughter as always