Monday, September 20, 2010

Heebee Post #411 - Pedro Bericat (MUTE SOUND) - Zaragoza - Spain

I cannot say, with any certainty, what the mysterious contents of this interesting Mail Art package are. While most mail artists are fooling around with paper, ink, rubber stamps, and magazine cut-outs - Pedro is busy melting his various ingredients together in sinister experiments. Sure makes an interesting and freaky 'bubble card'!
Nice to see Mute Sound productions at "The Affair". I must apologize however, because as I sent out the documentation for the 4th Dimension project, I found this on my desk where it must have been hidden for weeks - never having been posted. Ugh! Sorry Pedro. Pedro's 'Mute Sound' would like you to send 1 minute of sound for their project. Snail mail or email: or Thank you very much Pedro, love this stuff.

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