Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heebee post #413 - Thompson - Clearwater, Florida - USA

These brilliant collages sent in by Florida artist Thompson are just exquisite. I love the "Adventures in Art" look of the card on the left. The inner-vision by Joseph Campbell on that card is definitely worth considering. I miss Joseph Campbell.
These are really knockouts. Thompson can really put together an awesome collage. Einstein melding with Buddha and assorted friends. Meanwhile, a sort of 'Alice in Wonderland' in the Encyclopedia Museum is going on to the right. Fantastic!
And a third pair of beauties to complete the sumptuous visual feast!
A little advertisement for 'Reality Impaired Recs' zine. On the right is a carved block print that I couldn't quite read, but looks great.
The Affair is happy to to find Thompson with this handsome collection of Mail Art on the premises. Included was a very nice note - which I won't publish (these are private). I love receiving notes with the mail art. Not many folks include a little correspondence and it can sure make your day - like the note that came with this. Anybody sending a note need not worry about it being published online here. Just between you and me my friends. Thank you very much for this splendid art.

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