Friday, July 8, 2011

Heebee Post #622 - Joey - Oakland, California - USA

Joey returns to the Affair with his caricature (in a very smart looking jacket, I might add) imposed upon a vintage image of the magnificent Hippodrome Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Built in 1907, it was hailed as the largest and grandest theater west of New York. It was elaborate and colossal and could accommodate some 3,458 theater-goers. Unfortunately, it was razed in 1981 and only a parking lot remains on that spot. It sure would have been fun to see Will Rogers, W.C. Fields, Sarah Bernhardt, Al Jolson or one of the many great Big Bands of the 30's and 40's. Among it's many lavish features, there was an 80ft. water tank for "Water Spectacles". Check out this grandiose relic here: The "Hipp" slideshow.
Nice to have you back Joey. I see you've included your 'secret weapon' for catching your piscine prizes - a wonderful pastime, I must admit. Thank you very much and see ya in the mail!

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  1. excellent link to cleveland hippodrome slides. heebee site is outstanding... salt peanuts, salt peanuts, salt peanuts.