Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heebee Post #1053 - Bruno Chiarlone - Cairo-Montenotte - Italy

 Bruno returns to the land of the Heebee Jeebee with this remarkable  "Nebulous Passport" postcard. Upon closer inspection,  I discovered that the card was actually an altered 1942 U.S. War Correspondent identification card. The thoughtful appearing character in the center is part of the alteration as well as this odd Artistamp item:
It seems to be a plump pie with a police light protruding through the delicate Dada-crust of it's center.  "Action Poetry". I love stuff like this!
Bruno invariably has a marvelously capricious sense of fun with his artful correspondence. He will also be Master of Ceremonies for the Cavellini 2014 centenial celebration.  Can't wait for more details on that! Thanks very much Bruno - great card! More Cavellini information.

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