Monday, October 7, 2013

Heebee Post #1054 - Eric Bruth - Montrouge - France

"Live long and prosper".  Eric sends in this little conundrum from the familiar outer space duo. In this case, it is Kirk that works an odd logistical rationale on his old pal Spock when it is usually the other way around. Boy, do those fellows look young - these images coming from probably around 1966.
 Eric explains that this is actually an invitation to join in his mail call "We are not alone".  This is my kind of mail call and I will be happily joining in the fun.
 This busy crowd of creatures is nearly reminiscent of Noah's Ark - except there is only one each of each species. 
 The backside of the envelope is nearly featureless - except for this gorgeous Tree Frog resting languidly atop a lovely pond flower. A beautiful artistamp!  Thank you Eric and I shall be sending you something for your call in the very near future. Find Eric's Mail art here: My Mail Arty World.

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