Friday, October 11, 2013

Heebee Post #1055 - Jennie Hinchcliff (Red Letter Day) - San Francisco, California - USA

 Mr. Zip (or Zippy, if you prefer), is sure taking his postal task to heart in this remarkable postcard that Jennie created as a commemorative for the momentous occasion of the Grand Opening of the William H. Gross Gallery at the National Postal Museum in Washington DC.  This fantastic Philatelic collection is the world's largest on display and was opened to the public on Sept. 22, 2013 - and yes, Jennie was there to soak in the glory!
The National Postal Museum, a Smithsonian Institution museum, is located in the old Post Office building next to Union Station in Washington, D.C. The Museum was created by an agreement between the Smithsonian and the United States Postal Service in 1990 and opened to the public in 1993 - with the W.H.Gross Gallery completing the museum in 2013.  I borrowed the above pic from the Gallery site.
As Jennie notes on the back of the card, this also marks her first visit to the National Postal Museum.  Well, it sure is easy to detect her enthusiasm for the great event -  her excitement for it is rather infectious!  And it is with more than a little envy that I too report this colossal Philatelic featured happening.
The crowning achievement for this remarkable card is the splendid official cancellation stamping and I am quite delighted that Jennie took the time to send one of these to Heebee Jeebeeland. Thank you, dear girl, and see you in the mail! By the way, I just did send you something for the Ex Postal Facto Mail/Art/Books exhibition next Feb in SF.  And I am glad to say that I will be there as well!   Red Letter Day.

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