Monday, June 1, 2009

Heebee Post #102 - Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francisco, CA - USA

Sometimes it can be a lot of fun for just the guys to get together and Heebee Island is no exception. A "Men's night out" occurs every blue moon in the 4th Dimension (yes, the Moon actually turns a fierce blue). No offense ladies, but this event is quite a hoot and is immensely enjoyed by Island men.
Jennie is back in the 4th Dimension and it is very nice to see her again. She acknowledges her absence from Mail Art for a short time and writes "Thankfully she (Mail Art) is patient and forgiving when I disappear for awhile. Hope you feel the same way". Well, I do feel the same way - and even if I didn't, I would still be quite happy to find you here again dear girl. After all she is a Pod. Not sure what that is? Find out: 

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