Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heebee Post #114 - Yarnpunk - Kodiak Island, Alaska - USA

Here Kitty, Kitty........It is rather amusing to see the faces of 4th Dimensional visitors when they first behold the Phantom Cats that roam about Heebee Island. The Children, and many adults, often want to take one back home to the real 3-D world when they discover how affectionate they are. But these are not real cats, but only ethereal spectres of frolicsome cats. And, in fact, you can't really even pet them as they are visual only. Their feline antics, however, are sure fun to witness.
This is really a magnificent card in it's construction. It is difficult to display it's features properly here, but you can see it is heavily stitched on very interesting what looks to be hand-made paper with a clear plastic sheath on the front. Quite nice! Yarnpunk can sure make a super postcard! Thank you very much. Find out more about this fine artist here: spinning-on-the-edge.blogspot.com and also here: theseamailart.blogspot.com

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