Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heebee Post #167 - Rob Grant - West Brunswick, Victoria - Australia

The 4th Dimension is moving into the future! Let me wipe my astonished brow as I ponder this concept for a moment....... This astounding information sheet of the Multi-Dimensional Transport "Jumpship Mk.II" arrived today and folks, it is a monumental acheivement. Negotiations, hopefully, will begin soon to utilize this deluxe Inter-4-D luxury travel craft. There is already a buzz in the air for tickets.
Jumpship International - A division of Inter Planetary and Hyper Dimensional Travel Inc. - is offering a wonderful business alliance opportunity to transport excited Mail Artists into the mystery of the 4th Dimension. A free test flight invitation sounds great too. Can't wait to shout "All aboard"! This is fantastic!
These cool peel off stickers were also found inside this momentous letter.
Rob Grant descends into Heebee Jeebeeland on a pretty grand scale. What a presentation. I love this stuff! A-4 in size, it is a very formal and provocative proposition indeed. The 4th Dimension will have a fun and thoughtful time responding to this. Thanks very much Rob - "Concept Mail Art" doesn't get better than this and Pop-Surrealism is where it's at! After a 3 year hiatus, Rob is back with his new Mail Art Show: Grantinks Mail Art. Be seeing you in the post my friend.

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