Monday, October 12, 2009

Heebee Post #171 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

Heebee hieroglyphics found on this ancient parchment by Island Frontier explorer Frips remain a mystery to 4-D scientists. Interrogation techniques used on some now vanished Trans-Dimensional Invaders? - (Now illegal in the USA by the way). We may never know, but the research continues.
Although unable to attend the recent "A Book about Death" Mail Art Show in NYC, Frips and and many other Mail Artists and Fluxists contributed to the grand event. This is the grim and moody postcard she added to the highly successful show. Perfect! See A Book about Death if you missed that superb occasion.
Frips usually includes all kinds of goodies in her Mail Art packages and some of that fun is shown above. I really like her brand of Artistamps and I love finding something from this Artist and friend in my Post Box.
Frips never fails to amuse and Heebee locals have a great fondness for her as she returns to the 4th Dimension with this vibrant envelope packed to the gills (there was more - add and pass sheets and other assorted things). There are many that have a great love for this medium, but no one more than this enchanting Artist. Thank you very much my wonderful friend. Find her fine Mail Art site here: Frips Mail Art

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