Friday, October 30, 2009

Heebee Post #182 - Giovanni Bonanno - Salerno - Italy

New photos from Trans-4-D Frontier Explorers reveal strange unstable Dimensional activity. Portholes to undiscovered other Dimensions? Heebee Jungle inhabitants refer to them as "snares" and report that getting too close to one of these will result in your complete vanishment! These "snares" are also known to wander and there is no way to know where they may appear next. These are no friend to the Heebee Explorers.
Giovanni visits Heebee Island with this beguiling evidence card. This card is actually rather large and encased in a thick sealed plastic shield. Very nicely done. He writes "Nervosismo Estremo" (extremely nervous) - a great way to describe this unstable mystery force! Thank you very much Giovanni and welcome to the 4th Dimension.

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