Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heebee Post #661 - Ross Priddle (Bentspoon) (Part #2) - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Ross was kind enough to send in the newest edition of his Fluxus magazine "Gar #76" which is a rollicking and amusing collection of Art, Poetry, Dada and general weirdness by various artists - which can sometimes border on the disturbing. The above collage was created by long time Mail Artist Pascal Lenoir of France.
Above is a work by Ross, "Examine the Text". Ross power drives right through the poetry with a continuous onslaught of observation from his unique perspective. Nice black and white depiction of Ross under the text.
Al Ackerman's work seems as if he is speaking his little soliloquy to you with big round eyes - as if telling a ghost story. Interesting things happen to Al - as he journeys down a path that was meant for his steps alone.
Thanks for this Mail Art package Ross. Gar #76 was a gas! I nearly included the ghastly cover by 'The Haddock', but, wow man, that was a bit much for our younger viewers and those with a faint heart. Be seeing you in the mail Mr. Priddle. Bentspoon.

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