Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heebee Post #666 - Eduardo (ZenDada) Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

Eddie returns with his usual bizarreness from his "Paranormal Mail Art" Laboratory - this time with the curious distinction of being Post #666. Looks like he chose his character well for this dubious honor! Zalop!
"Hagamos el simulacro" = "Let's fake it"! Simulacro is actually difficult to translate, but I think we get a vague idea of what it is about. Anyway, I am loving the way ZenDada has put this piece together - A skillet of nervously crossed out notes with a big pinch of Dada and sensuality - that too, crossed out and made fun of. Eddie has become very good at this form of construction, bringing the viewer into the new normal.
Eduardo also added this little "Trashpo" (Trash Poetry) booklet. Trashpo has shown some recent popularity - especially among some of the IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists) members. You can check out a discussion for it here: Trashpo Talk.
"Alone with the Gods". Such pathos! - I feel like that sometimes as well my old friend. Thank you very much for your Mail Art package Eddie. Great stuff (as usual). Find Eduardo conducting mail art experiments here: Paranormal Mail Art.

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