Monday, October 17, 2011

Heebee Post #667 - S. Lee - Somerville, Massachusetts

S. Lee's nomination for presidential candidate looks familiar, even at a brief glance. Yes, in case you do not recognize him, it's Mickey Dolenz from the 1960's ersatz supergroup "The Monkees"! (What is it about the continuing monkey theme lately?). No, I won't leave a link to a Monkees song, God forbid, but, I will show you to the way to "Apeman" by none other than the fabulous Ray Davies and the Kinks (circa 1970). You know Lee, this postcard is nicely done - kind of like a mini Herman Kamphuis! Nice job!
And thank you for your compliment. Nice to see Dolenz looking so dapper after all these years. I don't remember seeing anybody decorate with an other's address label - interesting notion. Great card Lee - see you in the mail.

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