Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heebee Post #668 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

The "Head Project Phase 3" had it's gallery opening back in September and it appears that my dear cousin Arty had a grand time of it. The little brochure for the showing declares the address to be "Nelly 5 im Hinterhaus" = "Nelseestrasse 5 in the rear building" - as seen above. I trust it went well my old friend. Wish I could have attended.
See that postage stamp in the upper left? Bet you won't see that one again. This is one of Gunter's postcards that was resent to him from the remote coral atoll and island nation of Seychelles! Actually called the Republic of Seychelles, it is an archipelago of 115 islands about 1500 kilometers (932 miles) from mainland Africa , northeast of the Island of Madagascar.
The very festive envelope that held the contents shows a younger Art Tower adorned as a Matador - seems fitting somehow. Love the artistamps and rubber stamping and the happy birdie - which reminds me of of the old Yard Bird here in Centralia. You can find out more about Art Tower here: Art Tower Mail Art and here: Art Tower Art. Thank you very much my dear friend - See ya in the mail!

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  1. I remember Yard Birds! They were part of the "family" -- I worked in the Sign Shop Corporate Pay 'n Save Corporation (Ernst/Malmo, PnS, Lamonts, Big5 etc. etc.) back in the day!
    Always good to visit HeeBeeJeeBeeLand!