Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Post #856 (Doesn't indicate but, I'm going to guess) - USA

 "Hmmm......".  Well, I said it and I meant it. This superb,  darkly sweet postcard is quite enchanting in it's spectral cheerfulness.  I'm going to guess that the mysterious mail artist is Cara in Huntsville, Alabama. Fantastic job whoever!  The oddly quaint eyes on the gleeful skull are actually 3-D and roll around when you are holding this little prize in your hands. I do have a fondness for beguiling things - love this card!
Huh? Been reading too many books lately? Looks like somebody has been. Up here in the Northwest part of the USA, where it it is heavy duty logging country -  somebody would be yelling "Tiiiimmmberrrrr"!   (A warning to those close by that a big tree is being cut down and falling ). Book Spirit-a-go-go!  So, if this entertaining card is from Cara in H-ville, thank you very much indeed and I shall be sending something interesting to you in the very near future. If this is not Cara - Great job! - But, I can't send something to you.

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