Monday, October 1, 2012

Heebee Post #855 - Rat Mail (Mamie Blair) - Kamloops, British Columbia - Canada

 This sinister looking fellow, sent in by Rat Mail, seems to be having some crazy fun on his exercise bike, complete with a high velocity outboard motor and Moose skull(?).  I wish I could enjoy such abandoned merriment (go, man go!). This remarkable linocut print is large (A4)  and nonconforming in it's great 'happy-sad' effect. Super work Mamie!
The little innocent envelope that actually unfolded into the 'Skele-Biker' . I also noticed that this envelope has been stepped on along the way - see the footprint? What form of Postal tenderness is that?  Ah well, what can you do? Thank you very much Mamie and I shall be seeing you in the mail quite soon. Rat Mail site.

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