Monday, May 4, 2009

Heebee Post #81 - Medwolf - Battleford, Saskatchewan - Canada

 Heebee Jungle Explorer and 4-D Frontiersman Medwolf and his crew, Mrs. Medwolf and Rainbow Girl,  are seen here posing as they prepare for another sojourn back into the deep uncharted regions of the 4th Dimension.  
These strange children were discovered by the Medwolf Expedition living as part of a larger group of wild youngsters that roam the rugged 4-D Frontier area known as "The Edge".  It is reported that they speak in a sort of shrill "Bird Language".       
There are those in the remote regions of  the 4th Dimension that tell of a legendary wanderer. One whose journey led him far into the vast voids of the 4-D frontier........alone! Could that lone and mysterious explorer have been David Zack? Thank you so much for this great submission my friend. If any of you folks would like to help Medwolf find his friend, check in here:

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