Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heebee Post #82 - Adamandia Kapsalis - Chicago, IL - USA

When these articles from the 3-D real world were discovered in the hands of Heebee Nomad Tribesmen, they were asked how they came to have them. The word "souvenirs" was the only explanation these jungle men could  offer. Could they be items brought here by the original Heebee Island Ship-wrecked Castaways from 1919?    3-D seed pods will not grow here in the 4th Dimension and must have confounded the Tribesmen's ancestors as well as the keys, for they had no use to them.
The Island certainly is elated to find Adamandia back on it's shores. Especially when she brings an interesting mystery to solve! Thank you very much for your new cool card my friend. She runs two Mail Art sites that you can find here:   www.a-fishy-requisite.blogspot.com  and here:  synaptic-patina.blogspot.com

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