Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heebee Post #89 - Ryosuke Cohen - Moriguchi City, Osaka - Japan

Very much like having a Mail Art Newspaper delivered to the 4th Dimension, "Brain Cell" #737 shows up in all it's international glory. This edition, as always, is larger than A4 and quite a spectacle.  Ryosuke's "Brain Cell" project is a sort of Mecca for Mail Artists. The list above comprises the participants for this issue alone. Ryosuke Cohen is a very well known and unique Mail Artist.  His project has been very well received and recognized everywhere in the Mail Art world for many years.  Thank you very much  Mr. Cohen.  He also conducts "Fractal Portraits". You should know about him. Find out here: 

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  1. I recently got a one of these... but not that one... I drew a little something and then drew bathing suits on all the naked women... I'm sure he'll love that... ha.