Friday, May 8, 2009

Heebee Post #87 - Capucine Mazille - St. Eusebe - France

And so, their incredible journey continued.......  This time they were sure to make it.  The Whale had been there before or at least he claimed to have been there.  After a while, they began to wonder again about their  legendary destination.
  "Why did you ever come back from Heebee Island if it is such a paradise?" they asked the moody leviathan, testily......
 "Whales have traveled through Trans-Dimensional waters for millenniums. What's the big deal"!?! The Whale's mouth had barely moved as he grumped out his answer, quite loudly.  "Now hold on!" he added gruffly and his speed picked up tremendously. 
Actual Heebee Jeebee citizens are invariably a friendly lot and, if you have the time, they love to share stories of their lives and adventures.  Love this charming character.We are certainly delighted to have Capucine visiting here in the 4th Dimension. Thank you very much for this gorgeous envelope and card.  She is a very interesting Artist.  Wonder what else she is up to?  Treat yourself to this:

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