Friday, May 15, 2009

Heebee Post #91 - Scott Ray Randall - Grass Valley, CA - USA

Clowns are afoot in the 4th Dimension alright and they can be an ill-behaved bunch. What the heck are they doing out there in the jungle at night? As their numbers here increase, so does their hypnotic effect on people. The "Underground 4-D Clown Movement" is a growing concern for Heebee Officials. It is a general Island rule to just avoid them if you can and never take any advice from them seriously.
It's great to have Scott visiting the Island, especially with this fabulous postcard. And check out that cool "The Science of Mail Art" sticker in the corner. Science and Mail Art - I like that combo! Wow - I may have to make a version of that sticker myself. Thank you very much Scott. Find out more about this interesting artist:

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