Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heebee Post #189 - Dina Haskins - Providence, RI - USA

Deities to die for! A new Island Attraction, "Theme Park of the Gods", is now opened and it is a spectacular hit with Heebee guests. Another Island exclusive and fun for the whole family. Imagine the kids spending hours in conversation with C-3PO or yourself chatting and hanging out with Yoda! All the Pop Culture Icons are here - with more to be added every week. Only in the 4th Dimension my friends - only here.
It is very nice to have Dina back in the 4th. Gotta tell ya - I love this beautiful postcard! Thank you very much my cool friend. Wow, what a card! Check out this fascinating Artist here: Odd Ducks and also The Faerie Factory.

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