Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heebee Post #193 Capuzine Mazille - Saint Eusebe - France

The Walking Gardens of Heebylon! There is nowhere in the 3-D real world that can boast of vegetables like these! These moody "Greenies" thrive in the 4th Dimension Jungles and are, yes, carnivorous! Avoid the Veggiesaurus region - there are plenty of other areas to explore on the Island.
Does the Artwork here seem familiar in some way? It very well might. Capucine visits the Island once again with this gloriously painted envelope. A French postage stamp runs amok in this prehistoric satire - cleverly incorporated into the picturesque scenario. And just have to love the Monster Zucchini - more like a Bear than a vegetable! Yes, Capucine is back and the Locals are dancing around bonfires in glee! Want to see why these paintings may look familiar? Try this: Capucine Illustrations. Thank you very much - it's brilliant!

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