Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heebee Post #203 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, KS - USA

Forget your camera? No reason to leave Heebee Island without a picture of yourself here in the Resort area. Look for the Double Lensed Twins as they rove about the grounds. Just smile and pick up your snaps later - on the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge Picture Board. Another feature for our 4-D guests to enjoy.
The Twins have a marvelous Stereoscopic Camera Device they incorporate onto their bodies for a helmet like convenience. A 4th Dimension exclusive!
Islanders across the 4-D Territorries all welcome William and they will be in a festive mood all evening due to this latest arrival. Great card my friend! Super vintage Postage here too! I have always loved that "Certified Mail" Postman stamp. Fantastic to see them these days! Thank you very much! Find his Mail Art Site here: Addressee

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  1. Thanks for the explanation,I wondered what
    their story was when I "found" the image.