Monday, June 14, 2010

Heebee Post #372 - C.Z. Lovecraft - San Jose, California - USA

This is a gorgeous classic specimen of an 'Add & Pass' sheet. Like a sort of Mail Art flotsam, this apparently has been cast adrift into the ocean of Mail Artists for some 5 years at least - until it finally found it's way to the 4th Dimension via Mr. Lovecraft. I will add onto it and cast it back into the vast Mail Art sea of Artists.
A beautiful ATC was also included in the Mail Art package of wonders. The gilded looking paper it's on couldn't be scanned properly (for some reason, gold is tough to reproduce through scanning - even with photoshop). Anyway, it is lovelier in person and a very handsome card.
The thick envelope also contained all the goodies seen above - which includes an ATC jam.
And get a load of this super envelope that carried the goods. Sweet! This guy kinda looks like 'Blotto' from the old cartoon strip "Nancy". I never liked that strip, but I loved Blotto! Very Heebee Jeebee! Thank you C.Z. and I shall see you in the mail!

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