Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heebee Post #526 - Jim Hayes - Marietta, GA - USA

La bella Luna! Jim Hayes makes his presence known at the Affair with this lovely depiction of our only natural satellite. The moon fits into the Fluxus Affair scenario very well. Love the 1967 vintage eye popping color combo!
Huh? Jim brings in this interesting and rather puzzling evidence for the Affair 'Think Tank'.
Which way did she go? A person could get lost in there!
As you can see above, Jim has recently had an inexpensive tune-up. Looking good Jim and nice to see you again my friend. Assembly poetry plant Thanks very much Jim!


  1. I love the genre you're exemplifying. I am that new, I hardly know where to begin. Care to nudge this newbie in the right direction?
    Rose McGuinn

    Dude, the comment thingamy's sticking!

  2. Hi Rose, Thank you for the compliment. I am going to send you a message in the IUOMA site.
    Cheers, Test

  3. see what happens when you google yourself-yeah i remember these pieces, and thank you for posting this-that post mark was 25 years ago when i moved from WV to Jersey City, sending my books i guess- my writing is illustrated by the mail-long story-what's yr snail mail?