Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heebee Post #547 - Stephanie Blake - Huntsville, Alabama - USA

Very nice to find Stephanie at the Affair with her 'Kettle of Fortunes' - heavy Mylar sheets sewn together holding a myriad of 'fortune' puzzle pieces. As the eye travels across this piece, it picks up 'hints' of your fortune's forecast. Assemble the evidence and voila! I like the 'Eve-ish' image in the background - like taking part in forbidden fortune telling!
I really like the feel of the thick, pliable and plastic sheets. Gives it a sense of importance somehow. Thank you very much Stephanie for this official looking, future prognosticating and elegant postcard. Be seeing you in the mail very soon.


  1. Test, do you mean to tell us it WENT THRU THE MAIL okay? I am impressed!

  2. Oh yeah, no problem with this little fellow. I am a big fan of plastics - this looks like mylar - very luxurious as plastics go. Beautiful and tough! A lot nicer in person