Friday, February 11, 2011

Heebee Post #536 - Mim Golub Scalin - Richmond, Virginia - USA

Thank goodness for Mail Art 365. Mim sends in this rueful beauty from New Orleans while on vacation there. All found paper during her stay (no scissors)! I haven't thought about Lestat (of Anne Rice fame) for a long while, but can't help thinking he should be in this composition somewhere - with Papa Justify as well! Great card Mim!
Above, she describes making this card in the cafe at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans while having coffee. There was the "Art-o-Mat" machine there in the lobby and she was delighted to find here own work inside of it! Well, this postcard represents her #57 of 365 she has to accomplish for her daily mail art regimen. You can read how she is getting along with this and many other projects in her fun to read art blog: Mim4Art. Thank you very much my new friend - see you in the mail.

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  1. Wow, thanks Test! So nice of you to post all of this. I really did have a challenge when I was in New Orleans, continuing my project. I didn't see Ann Rice, or Kristen Hirsch (Throwing Muses) or a Vampire, but did have some super good food. Glad you enjoyed receiving this card.