Friday, December 23, 2011

Heebee Post #693 - Rodni - Richmond, California - USA

 Rodni is observing the season with this interestingly odd holiday imagery. It does seem to have a certain joy to itself - even if it is, perhaps, depicting our realm of existence (the reality of night and day in the center) surrounded by an 'irreality' or a dimension we cannot achieve from here (barbed wire on the left and thorns on the right). The universe of the human condition. Brilliant card - great job!
And a "Merry, Merry" to you too Rodni. When I first visited the website, I noticed it was not like other mail art sites, but couldn't really figure out what the difference actually was. Rodni is like a joyful operator there, having a lot of fun with his art. See what you think: Thank you very much!

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