Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heebee Post #752 - Wolfgang Skodd - Dortmund - Germany

 A ferocious storm is weathered by the heroic 'Tower Testor' (this time a woman), who keeps sluggin' away until the danger has passed! A brilliant perceived underlying message that shines out of the wicked sleet that pounces upon the unsuspecting Heebee Jeebee Island. "Soldatin im Monstunsturm" = "Sold in the ancient Monsoon".  Nice one Wolf!
"Source: ""Look at Me!"" Images of women". From the Dortmund Tower  Plakat Gallery. You just have to love the arty Fluxus Nord (Fluxus North) Dortmund insignia Wolfgang uses on the austere reverse side. Great job Banana Man! Mail Art of the Banana Underground. See you in the mail  Herr Skodd!

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