Friday, April 13, 2012

Heebee Post #753 - Frips - Gent - Belgium

 It is always a sincere pleasure to receive a genuine "Happy Spring" mail packet from the wonderful Frips. She always manages to capture a peculiar sense of character to her Heebee Jeebee Mail Art that is sent here. Have to admire her roughly hewn envelopes - that are invariably sewn around the perimeter, adding an odd international traveling folksy aura to it. You can see her trademark 'stretchy cat' stamp adjacent to the real Belgian postage. I always smile when I see those cats.
 A close up of the little Fluxist guerrilla soldier herself.                 .....she never looked back!
 The interesting envelope contained a little 6" x 4" artist booklet of which, this is the cover. It is like the unique happy vibes of your own home. And down the hall..........
 How are all those books staying on those shelves? Oh, the unique vibes of home!
 Some of the other pages comprising the booklet. It really is a sort of personal stroll that I feel I'm being led through (by Frips' hand). Nice to convey that feeling.
 Here, the artist becomes even more personal and intimate. Very cool!
 It simply would not have been 'Fripsish' to not have added her sleepy felines somehow. More of the luxurious  life of cats.
Happy Springtime to you too, my cheerful birdie friend. There are some things that I really truly love about mail art - Frips is one of them! See you in the mail! Frips Mail Art.

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