Monday, September 9, 2013

Heebee Podt #1044 - Roberto Rios - Humacao - Puerto Rico

 "Homenaje a Basquiat" (Homage to Basquiat) - Thoughtful study of the famous American artist, done in that edgy Basquiat style. This is one of two postcards that were the contents of the adventuresome envelope from Roberto.

Roberto's "Art Correo" (Mail Art) identification/cancellation rubber stamp appears on the reverse side of both cards.  This is the first submission Heebee Jeebeeland has received from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and I am delighted to have it!

 This interesting composition "Sinkhole" is much softer and delicate
 than it's mate seen at the top.

I have to wonder, is this a childhood snapshot of Roberto adorning the reverse side of the busy decorated envelope?  Sure looks like the little Gerber fellow - I can't help smiling over that lovely hat!

I love the address incorporated into the late summer festive insect party  envelope. I love happy insects! Beautiful work Roberto - How about some exchanges between us? See you in the mail soon!

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