Sunday, September 15, 2013

Heebee Post #1046 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

 Lorraine's Sci-Fi glamour sure gives off a "Near Future" fashion sense.  Her model looks terrific adorned in the stunning hand made utility corset.  Created from mittens, zippers, corks and beads, this outfit goes right over the top!  Far out and impressive - great work Lorraine! As you can see, the costume like attire is topped off with quite a few mittens.

These mittens and gloves were gathered through Lorraine's recent Mail Call for single or orphaned ones - their mates having been lost.
The entertaining  documentation for the "Lost Mittens" Mail Call also reveals the beginning portion of  her near future novella "Lucinda Kartography - Finders Keepers".  Lorraine offers a first glimpse, free read by clicking on the link. All of Lorraine's projects are carefully executed by the talented artist and she invariably enjoys fabulous results from each one.  Over the years, she has produced some incredible works and the Lucinda trilogy, when concluded, will be a remarkable achievement!  Thanks Lorraine and see you in the post! Lorraine Kwan Mail Art.    

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